Ejde into kinroad 650 buggy

Gday fellas,

Im putting a ejde into my buggy as a bit of a project.

The plan is to run the gt15 too. Ive got the bits i need but having 2nd thoughts on the 4mm head spacer thinking 2mm will get about 8.5:1.

Wanting to run stock ecu, just getting my head around the map and maf issues


Forego the head spacer and run a programmable ecu, this will keep some low down grunt and make it driveable. Nice work.

That would be ideal. Only reason i had originally opted for a spacer was with the 650 motor it was only 20 or so hp to start with so even with low comp it would be at least 25% more than i had at lower revs.

Id happily go a aftermarket ecu if i could get one. I haven’t looked down the path of rewriting the standard ecu yet or if its even possable

I do have a couple of series 1 sirion ecu without the immobilizer feature. Would be great if i could play with that.

The EJ head and piston combustion area is far superior to the ef-el and can take a lot more combustion pressure. Even better is you have the head off and radius all edges. The piston rim goes close the head for good squish which ensures the combustion flame front is centralised. This means less timing advance is needed. With the head spacer you will loose all of this. If I had to go lower compression I’d be taking material out of the head to deshroud the valves to the max.

While rewritting the std ecu is beyond anything I’ve looked into, I “think” it has to few variables to be bothered with it at the limit. A old motec, haltech or autronic would be less than the price of having an head spacer made - or perhaps you can make your own spacer?

What you are doing is cool and I look forward to hearing the progress.

Youve got me thinking now…

I do allready have a 4mm shim but that was purchased without any real thought. Im looking down the piggyback ecu path as youve twisted my arm Haha. Just trying to wotk out which one will work and where it wires in etc

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Would this do the trick?

Ill probably get this one unless i hear otherwise

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Any updates on how things have gone?

Not on the buggy front mate… Instead im going to do my road car first. Ive saved another sirion which ive fixed up to sell as to fund a Haltech elite standalone ecu.

The plan is to have the same hardware on the buggy and the car and swap the ecu to whatever is getting driven.


I like that blue. Classy looking Sirion

Ill get there i promise haha…

Picked a Gtvi up last night, distractions distractions…

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Better photo… after a scrub… definitely a keeper

Its in top nick!



Slight change of plans…

Looks like ill go with a k3 gtvi engine now. As fun as it would have been, turboing a ej properly was not going to be cheap.

This however was cheap…


Hmm thought I had replied to this :thinking:
Awesome to do a buggy
I had helped my neighbor do one with gtvi engine and it went great! Just won his class actually (0-1600cc)
But the k3vet would be even better
If I was you I’d try it as is don’t worry about mods

Getting the gearbox right is the hard part!!!

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