Ejde-l80 handivan

HIYA ! Thought i Should probably Start a Build Thread for My Little Handi.
Little bit about me for anyone that wants to know , Im a Qualified Nissan Tech/Parts Guy.
Located in The southern Highlands.
Ive had my fair Share of Little Cars , But this one would most likely be my favourite.

So Enough About me lets get to the Car.

I first purchases The Handi Around 2 Years ago from an older gentlemen that Used to Drive it
about 2 hours to work each day ,

It only Had around 140***kms on It when i got it , I had it for Only 2 Weeks before my Next door neighbour at the time offered me Double what i paid for it so i Said SOLD! . Not really realising how hard these cars were to come buy i instantly Knew i Shouldnt have sold it.
First Night i got the Car.

Drove It In the City For Tafe The next Day.FB_IMG_1535114170127.

Skip Ahead 2 Years and The car Happens to Be forsale Again from the Same guy i sold it to.
I knew i Had to Buy it Straight back.
Went And got the cash straight away and here we are 20180712_071415


Paint was In prettty Rough shape, Nothing that a Quick Hit with the buff Couldnt Fix.


Looks clean. Very nice.

looks very clean indeed

Thanks Man !

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Ended Up Getting Rid of the White Walls and going for a smaller Tyre.

So i had been driving the Car Around for a few weeks and Whilst the ED10 is still not a Bad engine im after a bit more power.
So this is where the Idea Started To Put the EJDE in the Little beast.
Ended Up finding A M100 Sirion Only about 40mins away and Picked It up for just $200


Got the Engine All Out of the Subframe This morning, Time to start cleaning everything up for Ej to go in !


Hey ryan whats ur number ive got a few questions on ur little car the car in the pics was my first car when i was 17year old and was i the illawarra and was sold to an old fella in windang just wondering if urs is the same car

Maybe the same car

Wonder if its the same car