Emissions Control & Issue L200

Does anyone have a diagram for L200 EF-JL for the emissions control?

I wanted to replace all the vac lines, and set it up correctly.

This is how it is set up, upon removal of the hose for the map sensor I have a T peice which goes into the intake manifold at the front underneath everything. No fuel lines going to the charcoal canister either. The rocker cover breather hose isn’t hooked up to anything either, just a hose hanging down.

Also I am having a intermittent missifre on idle when cold and hot.

There is another issue I am having where it wont idle mostly when its hot or on a hot day. Like it revs and drives fine, justy wont hold idle, it stalls straight away.

Anyone have any ideas?

Does anyone know what spark plugs fit? I might do those while I’m at it too.

I need to get a hold of these 2 sensors for testing. Idle still continues to drop out after adjusting the screw even at 1500rpm idle.

I took it to a workshop, they told me to keep adjusting that screw on the throttle body untill it idles good which isn’t working as the idle varies from 400-1100rpm or 700-1500rpm and sometimes drops out and stalls.

They also said that valve on the end of the manifold is meant to control the idle and it is vacuum operated.