Engine help

Hey everyone, new here, I just got 2 g200 1 being a 1.3L 16valve 5 door and the other is the 1L 3 cylinder 3 door. I much prefer the 3 door but the power isn’t there. Can I just swap the 2 engines around and make the 3 door better or is there a better engine again (while still being somewhat fuel efficient) for the swap?

ones carby, ones efi The mounts are different I think and alot is involved but can be done. I have not done it personally.
I f you want more power out of the 3cylinder get the flywheel lightened and a 1.5 inch exhaust system and tune your carb. I did this with one I had years ago and made it just as good as what the 1.3L efi car’s were to drive.

I got them to play around with as well so the difficulty of it isn’t an issue. I was also hoping to go above the 1.3l in terms of power , where I live it is still a little lack luster.

1.6 from an applause then

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Is the 1.3l with a turbo on it worth while?

only if you use a standalone ecu, daihatsu ones are locked