Engine mount on L7, easy job?

Hello chaps. Just received my rear engine mount for my L7, gonna tackle it with friend tomorrow, any tips? Is it an easy job? Any info is appreciated

Well, if it’s anything like my M100 rear engine mount, it sould be proven a bit hard. The narrow space will give you a hard time to remove the old and install the new. In any case, use a crowbar and a long stady flat headed screw driver to push the engine up after unbolting the mount from the engine and frame. Then in reverse, put in the new, bolt the mount to the frame, then let the engine drop into the mount and bolt it in.

Good luck!

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Thank you for the advice! I decided to tackle it yesterday, I unbolted it, but now can’t remove it, I’ve got the engine jacked, I’ve used a crowbar but just can’t get the old one out,

Anyone at all got any ideas? I’ve now got to the stage where I cannot remove the old mount and can’t see how it’s supposed to come out.

I don’t remember exactly how we (my mechanic and me) removed it, but it was a “bit” hard. You can try, to unbolt the frame of the engine at the rear a bit, to give you some space. But jak the engine first!!

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Yea I have unbolted it, I’m gonna give it another go, it just seems the firewall is in the way and it has no room to be removed.

I mean, unbolt the rear side of engine frame from the car! So the frame will fail abit down, to give you some space to work. Not the mount from the frame! also, if yoy need to, loosen up a bit, not all the way, the front bolts of the frame!


Many thanks for your help. I appreciate it I ended up having to drop the subframe. Such a terrible design. But I got there! Thank you!

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So, it’s even harder to replace on Cuore L7 ah? Well, you did it, that’s what matters! :smiley:

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