Engine oil dip stick

engine oil dip stick for sirion 1.3 ,as the old plastic thing broke .looking for a steel one . or measurements from the bottom of the stick to the full mark.

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I would try a wreckers.


My Rally 4 measures just over 500mm from seat to end of dipstick

SCA has some with the tubes;

phoned wreckers ,same problem all gone or broken ,trouble is the end is in the sump. will make my own ,what i really want to know is the distance from the bottom of the stick to the full level hole. if i can get that will be easy to work out the rest, so any help with the measurement would be great.

That it the critical measure, it is the K3-VE?

There is this generic unit but zero detail;

Thanks for that Paul ,like you say no detail and it looks like its the outo transmission . But not to worry some kind soul might measure there dip stick for me.
nice talking

I ll measure it up for you. I have the k3ve2, not sure if theres a difference.

Scale is in CM ofcourse.


Absolutely brilliant thank you very much ,now i can make up a steel one.I see you have one of those crappy plastic ones as i had ,old age and heat made it fall to bits. any way big thank you for your troubles . nice talking to you.

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Show us your finished product!

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You could possibly grab a metal one from SCA and then trim and mark (scour) to match the length (fill mark specifically).

Awesome response @Roffelkut :+1:

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Funny you should say that ,my mind was working on that idea,will see how i go ,should be easy enough.
thanks for helping.

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will do that ,because if any body else needs to do this it will all be available to see .
thanks for showing an interest.