EU Daihatsu Storia (Sirion)

So somehow I ended up finding something on Facebook that started a whole new build for me. What did I find? A original JDM Daihatsu Storia Urban Rapid front bumper. Yeah really rare. Finding something like this in Japan would be special but I managed to find this in my home country the Netherlands. How did this end up here and what is the story? This bumper was found in storage of an old ex Daihatsu dealer who I guess imported this for some kind of demo car. The seller had no clue what car this was for so he asked on Facebook and yeah than I bought it. Its nicely painted in blue and looks like it has never even been on a car.

What now?
I have the bumper, now I will slowly start collecting more parts of EU Sirions like sideskirts, rear bumper and spoiler. Hopefully putting this complete kit on an EU delivered 4wd Sirion some day. They are becoming really rare now so maybe I will just put this on a Dutch fwd one for the time being. For engine I would like to build a turbo Ej-VE. Since the storia came with a 718cc engine I think it would be nice to honor that.

My goal is to get it close to these:



Nice find. Why not stick with a 1.3 engine?

what a magnificent score!!!