EUDM Cuore L7 Special Editions

I just wanted to know what special editions / equipment lines of L7 Coures were available in Europe, need to be up to date when searching for the next one.

Also, apparently mine is special too, according to my previous owner (aunt). Was factory faded lemon colored and had an auto box. Is that any special?

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Any pictures?

more information and pictures please, nor much to go buy currently

based on the colour and auto box I would say its not special, the creamy yellow was a standard colour you could chose in the Netherlands, similar to auto box. this was an option you could chose.

We had one special edition in the Netherlands for the L700, namely the avanzato. this was TR-xx bumper kit for the L700, engine was the standard 1.0. EJ-DE

I know there was a cuore ‘sport’ sold in the UK, however the only one I’ve ever seen was a manual 5 door in blue

In europe there are very rare versions of the L7 with ABS and side airbags in the seats.

The Avanzato version had besides the front and rear bumper, but also the side skirts and bonnet scoop, a special rear spoiler and 3 spoke wheels that no other one got. They were only deliverd in blue.

Most of them are rusted away and wrecked they are extremly rare now these days.

There was sometimes limited editions that only got the front and rear bumper.

The real avanzato versions were only made in 1999.

I have worked a few years in an official Daihatsu dealership in Holland, so my information is accurate.