Euro Meet - expression of interest

Hi guys, Ive noticed a few Dutch guys recently joining the forum, and over on the Daihatsu Sirion Rally 2/4 facebook page there is a lot of guys in the UK that also have an interest in Daihatsu.

So I just thought I would throw the idea out there to possibly do a Euro meet sometime next year, maybe a poker run from Rotterdam to Groningen or something like that? I can drive over from Germany, the guys from the UK can take the channel, there is a German Daihatsu forum, I think there would be a bit of interest there too.

Obviously it wouldn’t be any time soon because my car is a long way from being finished but maybe next summer we could organise something if there is enough interest.

I would really love to hear everyones thoughts on the subject.



I am into it but I am from Croatia :smiley: I have a fairly stock bumped scratched Cuore with some alu rims and that’s all :smiley:

Ahh mate it doesn’t matter what you drive it only matters that you are an enthusiast!
I would love to organise a meet but there has been very little interest.
If we did organise something would you be up for it? I mean Croatia is a long way from Holland.
I only thought of the Netherlands because most of the Europeans on this site are from there but I think Germany would be an even better idea, the autobahn would add a lot of excitement allowing people to let loose legally and add some competitiveness to the event. I was thinking a poker run with a rally theme, each diver would receive a brief with directions in the layout of 15ks then turn right, 0.7ks then turn left and so on.

Have not been active for I while (sorry), so did not reaaly read this until now. I would be up for a Dai meet either in NL or Germany.

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if another Euro meet was to occur in 2019 lets say then i would drive all the way over from the UK to come to it!

well to Germany it sound fun but isnt it a better idea to rent out a big go cart track and have fun how it is used to :smiley:

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