Evilhighway's now track intended mira


This was an update I wasn’t going to do yet but read the description on youtube and it will explain all.

Unfortunately My life has changed since starting this project and it will not be finished completely as I will be getting rid of all my Daihatsu gear in the future and will be travelling Australia living a minimalist lifestyle.
Due to this I have decided to share what I have done


:open_mouth: Been looking forward to seeing this video. I’ll watch it when I get home


I wonder how long it will take the facebook people to find it lol. Please dont Share it there @b_hoves I wannna see how long it takes or if it even makes it’s way there. hahaha!


:shushing_face: It will be the forums little secret


Looking great! Now that’ll be a weapon haha
Keep up the good work :metal:


I thought the previous chatter (saying k3 into L2 can’t be done) was that you couldn’t bolt it up without custom fabrication?

Either way it will be a cool car to get on track!
Hope it kicks arse!


you will have to wait till the next vids lol :slight_smile:


@Patrick_Hart Most of the talk is about not being able to fit it without major cutting, making the car unregistrable in Australia.


there is some cutting involved in what I have done that will come up soon. It is a cut that is in the k frame which for me was unavoidable due to budget but could be made with more working out to not cut the k frame.


“How do you do it?” - Tape measure, part A , part B and work it out.

“What do I need?” - The balls to give it a go yourself. And as such we can all look up to Jimmy.

“Is there a kit?” - Just one kit and Jimmy will happily sell you one if you hand over enough $100 bills and don’t whinge or complain about how many he might ask for.

“Why won’t you share this on facebook” - because every dauche bag out there is going to want to make a dumb comment either suggesting something or asking “how”, but none of them are prepared to pioneer something themselves.

“Can Jimmy have it ready in time?”. I hope so. And Jimmy if you need a hand to make something just say so.

Well done on being a pioneer (Frasertag, is there a badge?) and following through.


Thanks rob but only a half pioneer really The only real thing I would have left to do. (if the engine was together) would be wiring brake lines and modify the exhaust so it would come out at the right place and all the way through to the back. haha and just some fiddly stuff. One thing I didnt take into account was the abs gear for speedo. But though and engine runs on rpm I’m sure a sat nav speed would suffice.


a real weapon :slight_smile:


here is the next bit for every one. I will try to get one up every few days or atleast once per week etc.
As usual I don’t really edit my videos so they are what the are.


Does facey know yet @evilhighway?? :joy:


nope not been shared there I did give the youtube link to someone who is on fb mainly and a few here know also but yeh no random has found it and shared. lol


But Facebook is easier and it knows everything!!

Legend dude


not sharing aha. waiting for someone new to find it on youtube and be like. can i do the swap anyone help.


It may not be world first?


yeh never said it was world first I realise there is a miliion and one malaysian you tubes etc. The problem is they never show how it is done or release any information. They also claim to have ej bottom end Kancil with ef/el head turbo that can get 200-400hp ( I cant remember exact figures but you get what I mean) Yet the same similar set up in Australia recently is is around 145 on about 23 psi and about 17psi gives it around 135. For these reasons I dont hold much trust in what malaysian’s have done. Like the products they make some are ok and some are utter crap.


They make some good stuff??

All good. Just the chatter on FB about it can’t be done etc. Then claims of being a pioneer sort of says no one has done it before. But there are a fair few videos of them running on YouTube that’s why I was reading it as a world first

Sad that this is another unfinished project though!

Out to live a minimalist lifestyle sounds great though!
As in no power?
No waste?
No cell phones?
Or internet?
No more L2D? :man_shrugging:t2: