Evilhighway's now track intended mira

Well this was never supposed to take place but somehow it has and well here we are continuing my build from daiforum. I am not going to bring it all over from thereit will be sort of a fresh start here.

Well the reason this wasn’t going to happen was at the track day i decided I would sell my Mira and just keep my move for street driving and occasional track fun and my swift for its historical value and some track stuff too.

With this in mind I sold all the stock move hubs, brakes, wheels etc etc and I had someone lined up for the shell and all the other panels etc I had to go with it. They saw what it was and seemed happy but pulled out the next day so i though well why the hell not i may as well keep it and do something with the damn thing.

So this is now where I am at.

I have a mira that I will put an engine in but which one I am not sure yet but it will be a daihatsu engine. It will probably be an ed20 or an efel/ed20 combo or whatever else I have.

The Mira has rear Sirion brakes on it currently and I have no front hubs or brakes what so ever.

So what am I going to do about that?

Well I also own a 3 cylinder 1984 swift and once the g10 engine eventually gives up the ghost I wont be able to source another one as they are very hard to find and same with the gearbox’s.

So Today i bought a 1998 suzuki cino/swift with a 13gba engine which is a carby engine.

Whats that got to do with the mira?

Well for the mira I am going to do a 4x114.3 wheels stud conversion. I have already done 4x100 and the rear sirion drums on the mira are 4x100 so using the same principals I will be looking to use the hubs/ brakes and the wheels from the swift for the conversion. As for front struts I have some mira ones I can lengthen the holes to make fit just as @Daiharris has done with his coilovers and I alreadly know tha I would be able to use some other suzuki struts as well. as for drive shafts Im not sure how it will go it may be the same case as what I did with the 4x100 or it maybe easier but atleast I will have the mira cv shafts and the cino shaft to play around with to get them right. oh and I still do have the spare jackshaft i bought a while ago.
So that is the plancs I really dont have any updated pics of the mira so i will dig out an old one and I will put the pics of the swift that I got up here also.


Sadly the trxx bonnet has been sold.


Oh goody! So pleased about this. Now I def have to come over and visit. First thing I want to help with (if I am allowed to plan things out for you?) is cutting the chassis mounted spring locators and put a set of mine in so you can run 2 1/2" coil over type springs. And, as you know, I might end up with your old bonnet so I can take a mold off it. If the 114mm does not work I should have a spare set of front hubs and calipers for you, oh, and I found that other bit of the quick shift and have put it aside for you.

BTW, how’s Mrs Evil? Send my “continue to get well” wishes.

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Thankyou so much Mr G ofcoarse any help is alway’s appreciated and allowed :slight_smile:
Maybe let me clean my shed first i dont even know where things are these days lol.

Mrs Evil is doing ok she goes in to see how the wound from the plate and screw is healing on friday and then probably moon boot or cast for another 6-8 weeks.

Long process for her and the boredom of being home having to elevate her leg is driving her crazy atm as you could imagine but I’m sure everything will be fine in the long run.
She and I both thankyou for your continued kind wishes.

I have an ED10 block, crank and head you can have, if you are willing to pay for shipping. I’ll throw in the ed20 intake manifold and injector rail too.
I have a L80 gear box if you are interested too.

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Thanks mate. I have 3 ed blocks 2 ed20 heads and 2 ef/el heads and one almost full efel. That oil pump I got off you was a life saver though so Thankyou. I have a selection of gearbox’s now it seems 2. So I should be ok but if I need something I definately will sing out.

Fuck I love those swifts… My first car ever Waa a swift gti and ever since then I have regretted selling it and have always wanted another one… I stand by that if one ever popped up I would jump on it…

Good shout on the 4x114.3 conversion, so many awesome wheels out there but all in that pcd… I’m going to be verrrry interested to see how this goes…

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Just for you @Daiharris here is my swift it is pre-gti (1984) the skirts on it are original zender skirtz that were made for the german rally psec ones and are different to the gti mk1 side skirts as they are 1 piece as opposed to 3 piece. I managed to score them as new old stock that had been forgotten about since the 80’s. I have now put Baleno seats in it and the rear hatch wang is from a mk1 gti. I had it for sale recently but had it way over priced. Hoping that no one would be silly enough to pay the money I asked and I was relived that it didnt sell but I did have a genuine enquiry and try to get me to budge on price which I declined. I wont sell it now.

poop finito 1poop finito 2


Fuck that’s awesome bro… That looks super clean, good call on overpricing the swift so it didn’t sell… I had to go hunting around on fucking photobucket to find a photo of my old gti…


One day I’ll get another one as a daily… As it was my first car I used to rape the shit out of it and it lived it… Brilliant cars…


What chance do you have of having it ready by May?

May? What is May?

We have been penciled in for Lakeside on May 6th. Just waiting for it to be entered onto the online portal so we can start booking in

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no the move will be track day not this

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Woohoo. Had better get back onto some Mira work.


We have also been penciled in for Qld Raceway on October too. Should be a fun year.

I envy you mr evil. My wife would kill me if I turned up with another project car


she wants a copen which we can’t afford but I told her we should try to get one before October so that she can enter that event.


YES!! I’d love to have a copen at one of the events!

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Just small update


I have been doing a little work on this but nothing too significant I just work on it a little bit at a time and I just enjoy doing the work in a relaxed peaceful way and not putting myself under any pressure. I have removed back seats and a few interior bits. I haven’t finished the 4x114.3 but have pretty much all the parts needed. I will probably use the gtvi seats in this but do have some good spare stock seats I can use. I have modded one of the sirion front struts to fit the bottom knuckle also and it has the mira king spring in it. Got to do the other side yet haha