Experience buying from Mudah.my?

Does anyone from Australia or outside Malaysia have any experience shipping from Mudah.my?

I have my eye on a complete set of Mira Avy body parts for my L250 Charade, a popular swap in Malaysia by the looks.

It won’t be a small amount of coin for the parts + shipping so I thought I’d get some input before pulling the trigger and possibly losing all my money.

For reference this is what I’m looking at:

Thanks guys,

It is a marketplace, speaking with them also is hard and shipping is very very expensive.
So best to find someone you trust within malaysia to inspect and buy and ship to you.

I’m getting by alright with Google translate as far as communication goes. Is there anyone on the forums from Malaysia who’s helped with this before? I doubt it’d be good etiquette just to cold call Malaysian members

I’ve had poor experiences importing myself (though not from Malaysia). The worst-case was due to the seller not cleaning and packing things correctly. This caused a drama with customs: quarantine; them cleaning (and filling an engine full of water); and having to go to the port to collect. That alone was a couple of thousand dollars. Once out of customs there was much damage too. And then I’ve had some good experiences when I have used a broker in the country.

If costs could run into the thousands I’d probably just be better off importing a Mira Avy complete from Japan. Thanks mate.

That was for a complete engine, gearbox and drivetrain. The exporter did not drain the engine or gearbox. There was a 20c piece size oil patch on the pallet, I kid you not. So customs pressure cleaned it filling it full of water. Somwhere along the way the intercooler was crushed, valve cover and timing gears smashed. I was impounded for two months. Shipping was paid door to door but I had to pick it up in person or pay someone to do that one my behalf adding to what had already become a big pile of paper work. Once at the port of Brisbane it was 3-4hours of waiting. The enigne was toast, I never used the gearbox and so on. The exporter eventually paid half of the customs fees. Still an expensive excercise.

I have though had a broker help or an agents who import keep an eye out for things and add them to their shipping containers when they had spaces to fill. On those occasions, never an issue. The put is, you need to have someone one the other end who will be responsible for preparing the item/s and taking the hit if things go wrong. Before 911 and increased security on planes I bought car parts back on international flights, sometimes as “recreational” equipment in big ski bags. Dumbest thing I ever bought back was a Nissan R200 LSD as carry on LA to Brisbane. I could barely lift it, but it did just fit into the allowable carry on.

I’d imagine that the size of a package with engine, gearbox and drivetrain wouldn’t be dissimilar from one containing the parts I’m after. I’ll do some digging and see if I can find a broker to assist. Thanks for all your advice.

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I’m from Malaysia.

Bear in mind in Mudah.my too many scammer.

I’m never bought from Mudah.my.

If you want the huge parts, the postage fee would be more than the goods price itself.

Unless if you want some small parts such as headlamps, tailights, spoiler etc would be easy to post out.

I’ve post out a L500 spoiler to UK.

It cost 400£