Fault code P0500 after K3 swap Mira

as already mentioned I get an engine light after some kilometeres of driving.
The code says P0500, Vehicle speed sensor.

The car is still running the EJ-DE speedometer which was originally build into the car. Is this the problem why the car is not getting this signal?

Can I pick up the speed signal somewhere and wire it directly to the ECU?

I don´t pay much attention to the check engine light anymore because I knew it was this problem. But since I ran into a new problem (low fuel pressure under full throttle, other thread) I really want to solve this code.

Any ideas?


The k3 takes the speed signal from the ABS, but it does seem strange that you are getting the fault code, in your videos it looks like the speedo is functioning?

Speedo is working fine.
The car doesn´t have ABS.
The ABS sensors are on the car though.

Can´t find a propper diagramm for the “new” k3ve. And no info about the speed sensor either:(