Favor for the hijet build guy

Anyone down under able to give your local daihatsu/Toyota dealer a call and ask if they can sell a s110P service manual?
I’m having a hell of a time finding one in English that is worth a rip. I know it exists but all I find is photo copy’s of poorly translated japanese mannys and the IPC figures are microscopic as well as ink blotched useless.

Any help is appreciated!

Update the boat is stuck in the port of entree, something to do with the new grandpa president.

Update and progress to come on the build thread soon!


that maybe harder than you think almost all toyota dealer’s here do not want a bar of anything Daihatsu. There is a guy in the facebook group called Ryhs Dall (I think thats right) you could try messaging him I think he works for a toyota dealership.

Not sure that he Hijets exported to Australia, will have EF engines. For a lot of the export markets they put the 4-cylinder 1300-cc engines in them. The 660-cc EF series engines were made specifically for the JDM to meet the Kei class laws. There may have been some of the 993-cc EF engines imported to Australia.

i found a crappy manual by james danko online, it doesnt have everything but itll do for now.

i was hoping it would shed light on the differences between the 660cc’s and the higher variants since they all seem to be made with the same parts. im still not convinced that the 660 can ONLY make Kei class HP and KW.

i also found a spare engine locally to me and picked it up for 100$. i think its out of a s80 truck but it should have some useful parts or something i can tare down and part out for the next jdm order