Feedback and suggestion

New site works really well and looks great. Only thing i’ve noticed is that clicking on an external link takes you away from here :cry: Is it a user setting or a global one to open links in a new tab? Of course i could right click and select open link in new tab but i’m lazy lol.


good point i did notice theis myself but though Im a have an internet addiction and usually have many windows up at once i didnt even pick up on it. thankyou.

Cheers for the feedback mate.

Thanks for letting us know.
I have just adjusted this globally so should be enabled now

There is also the option under your profile.

However the profile option should be overwritten by the global setting.

Let us know how you go.


Sweet looks good. :wink:

Would be helpful at times to know where users are geographically. No need for suburb even just region.


There is a plugin for country, maybe could be adjusted. I’ll look into it

That’s a good idea though

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There is a locale feature in our profiles too, not that it is a requirement to fill in…

If you click my icon

You will see my display card

I have filled in my location information so it is listed here.

Should not be to hard to automate this.

@jakey033 Also has filled out his information

I am almost tempted to leave it voluntary as some users might not like it being done automagically


Uploading files and photos from smartphone.
Is it possible?
Previously I have transferred photos to my pc and uploaded them from there. Is there a way to directly upload from Android, or is this a possibility in the future?
Otherwise the site is awesome!
Keep up the good work @FrAsErTaG!!

Hey @Mick this is totally available right now.

It’s not as drag drop easy, does not allow multiple photos at once (but can add multiple pictures to a thread, just one by one)

Simply reply to a post and click upload (bottom right), you should be prompted from where, on most android phones this will either be “photos” or “gallery”

Once in your gallery app you choose the photo like on fb, Twitter etc (at this stage like noted above, one at a time)

You will see the progress of your upload

Hope that answers your question mate :slight_smile:


I didn’t see that, I will give it a try. The site just went from awesome to perfect!!!

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