Few questions re m100 Sirion

Just picked up a 1.0 Sirion auto as salvage from auction. Have started removing the damaged parts and have few question.

The condenser and radiator are damaged, can see no water/ coolant in the radiator but how do i know if there any gas left in the condenser?

If i remove the battery, is there anything that will require reset or code to work?

Can i remove the power steering pump from the engine side as i won’t need it.

Plan to remove the dash tomorrow, is there any instruction anywhere i can find?


Any other things i need to pay attention to when

A few things I can answer:

The A/C pumps magnetic clutch should not engage when there’s not enough pressure in the system. So you can check it by running. Otherwise you’d need to pull a vac on the system and see how much was still left in there.

If you remove the power steering it’s advisable to switch the steering rack for a manual one because the ratio is different.

As for resetting things; no I don’t think so. Does the car have a stock radio even?

try the valves in the ac system. (where they regass them) Give a little push and if you have gass come out then yep you will have gas in the system. If nothing I would say it has leaked when the damage occurred.
Yes you can remove the power steering pump. Just may need a smaller belt.

Yes, it still have a daihatsu stereo

Swapping out the rack for a manual one will make the car steer lighter but the ratio is definitely longer. You’ll go from 3.5 to 4.5 lock to lock. Do you can also make a short loop line to connect the in and outputs from and to the pump/reservoir so you can run the quicker rack.


The engine, I believe, is going in a BMC mini and prob retain the rack from it which are faster than anything Dai.

Yes it is. And will be using the mini steering rack.

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