Fibreglass bonnets maybe other panels

Im thinking about making bonnets and other panels for daihatsus, will be off standard but fibreglass is easier to modify if need be. Would start with G200 charade as thats what I have just wondering if people would be interested in it or would I be wasting my time making more then one? Could eventually do doors which would be good for race stuff only as it wouldnt pass but would lower the weight a bit as doors are pretty heavy :stuck_out_tongue:
Would any of yous be interested I I did start making panels?

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Any composite body parts will generally put a race car into Sports Sedan or Time Attack (read the CAMS rule book) - and anyone in those classes are going to want light doors, that means even if fiberglass vacuum bagged cloth (no chhpped strand). I can do resin infusion and vacuum bagged parts, however, I don’t think many Daihatsu people could afford such. Rather than standard parts you might be able to sell things like De Tomaso or F2 bumpers, skirts and wings or TRXX bits. I hate to seem like a downer on this but am a qualified composite laminator (through PARTEC), have first hand paid work experience some years back in retail of kits for 240, 260, 280 and 300zx replica parts and continue myself on the side to manufacture carbon fiber, kevlar, basalt or hybrid ram pipes, plenums, flares and some aero parts or perform repairs to composites from sports sedans and historic race cars. Hope you can make something of it, there are a lot of suckers out there that will buy stuff for the racer look. Here’s my 2 cents as to what might sell best - flares and wheel arch extensions. Bigger need for these than anything else - ask yourself how many people are into stance or slammed look with big tires? And when playing pretend “racer” or dress up they won’t care if flares are 3kg each chop strand.


Yea true, I only do it because I have nothing else to do, have thought about making sub boxes and stuff aswell as its quite easy. I havent made panels for road based cars only more race car stuff as extra work for where I used to work and want to do it to learn a bit more about it. I would love to get a job in the field as I love doing it but only kinda self taught and shown by others mainly for repair purpose which I have done quite a bit of.

Flares/wheel extensions, fancy front bumpers (F2, De Tom and TRXX sort of stuff) and wings - go for it. Look at the RWB and Rocket Bunny stuff and copy for Daihatsu (I hate the stuff on anything driven on the road but I’m an old fart that wants to drive briskly without attracting attention with a “look at me car” and being pinged). Charades are getting a bit old, what’s the most popular “hot up” Daihatsu? Let’s say it’s a Sirion. Borrow one, take a mold of the arches, make some plugs up on these for some bolt on flares and hey presto take some good molds. Or look into the Remake software and capture some 3d images of the arches, have some foam blanks CNC’d and turn those into your plugs.

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yea, i only want to make panels for myself to learn on so if i go to the track i dont risk damaging my normal stuff. and for road stuff I would rather make stuff that looks standard but might be a little wider and stuff, enough to get more clearance but not enough for it to bring too much unwanted attention. Its all a learning curve at the start so would start off with little stuff but will eventually do other stuff.


If you could make a replica of the GTI kit that came on the euro g200 charades I’d probably consider grabbing that off you. But they are impossible to find in australia so it would be very hard to take moulds from it. Haha.

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I know where you can get De tomaso front bumper grill lights for 600, really need to get one imported.

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Is that sss automotive?

Yep, the import alot of stuff, gonna ask them and see if they can get me some parts

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Your not referring to the nose cut they have had advertised for about 10 years are you lol.

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$600 :open_mouth:

hahaha probs, i know them though, used to work with someone that worked there, there go to japan heaps just need to ask them to bring some stuff back for me

Front bumper grill lights ?
You refering to the fog lights in the front bumper?
Just paid 120 for some posted haha

Let me know how you go @Brendan_Soyke with the imported stuff cos I’d order some stuff at the same time as you if it’s actually possible. Like Welby I was doubtful due to the fact that the stuff on their website has been there for a long time. If you know someone though that will be helpful. :+1:

Yea but though go to japan every year and fill containers of stuff, I jut have to ask them when they are going next and get them to look for me.

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