FinalGearRatio diversion info ファイナルギア流用情報

I would like to compile diversion information.
Do you have any good ideas for making a table?
I’ll start with the final gear ratio.

07/31 Tabled!

Ratio Models(what from)
4.266 Charade Storia FF M100
4.642 Charade Storia 4WD M110
4.933 Esse Mira etc L235 L275
5.545 Copen Move FF
Storia X4, Boon x4
Mira 4WD
L880k L175 L285
5.923 Move 4WD L185

The translation to save a few people the one click.

4.266 (Charade Storia FF) M100
4.642 (Charade Storia 4WD) M110
4.933 (Esse Miravan etc)L235,L275
5.545 (Coppen Move FF Storia X4, Boon x4) L880, L175
5.923 (Move Mira 4WD) L185, L285


Please see here

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Thank you! I’ll give it a shot.

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