First time caller, long time listener

Hiya all
been a bit more active on the facebooks than the forum. So far I’ve collected or saved? 2 dirt cheap giveaways and 1 daily.
my first was a m100 2000 siron which has been great but doing 700kms a week without power steering was getting to me. I wanted more and I liked how It tasted so far, so I got my 2003 gtvi sirion! pretty clean body and I’ve been doing a bit of servicing and mods on it. the piston rings are going and burns a fair bit of oil but otherwise it’s been absolutely fantastic. so far I’ve overhauled the brakes, new pistons, pads and discs on the front. full 2inch exhaust, high flow cat and 2 resonators. I sourced some impul pro mesh wheels and I put in some bc coilovers. it’s a go kart seriously, it’s sits very flat on the corners and puts your mates back in their seats. a friend gave me their families g11 to save and store which I haven’t really touched since getting it to the farm.
I’ve just started my apprenticeship as a diesel mechanic so I think it’ll be a journey! cheers



welcome to the forum! sounds like youve already caught the Dia bug! You have me intrigued with the g11 on the farm. I am curious to see if you will get to it. :slight_smile:

me too, I do want to get it back on the road on club plates but not sure what direction to go with it. perhaps turning it into the factory turbo it was

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factory turbo would be best. There is a guy called David Rietski in thr facebook group that owns about 3 g11’s . Probably some good motivation with his pics of his cars.

awesome, I’ll keep an eye out.
I think it’d be cool to restore it as it’s seen better days, I’ll try get some pics up. it’s got a cool s2 turbo steering wheel which I wanna chuck on my sirion.

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anyone know if the k3-ve2 is forged Pistons to handle the high compression in the iron block?