Fitting oil sensors

Found this at a local autobarn. Sandwich plate for the oil filter to be able to get extra sensors or oil feeds from. Quite clever and cheap at around $35 for the lot. Nee to buy the center riser separately to the plate.

Anyhow, just something I found useful that others might as well.



I bought one from ebay and fitted to my EJ-DE, running oil pressure and oil temperature and third one is good for a turbo oil feed. Just have to make sure they are small enough to seal where they go on as some are too big for our small engines. Also you need an adaptor piece that screws onto where the oil filter screws onto so you have the length for the oil filter.

They sold a few sizes and there is a fair bit of ‘play’ in the rubber seal and flat bases.

They also had a variety of center fittings too

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