Hi Guys!

A question… that a flywheel is in this state is for something special or only reached the end of its useful life?

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Heres how I did mine, looks like theres still enough meat on yours to do the same…


Or you can buy a steel motorsport one from Daihatsu that’s approx half the weight :grin: think that’s why people go for steel mr_gormsby
I’ve had a few machined and they didn’t balance very well when fair bit was taken out …the most agressive took it down to just over 5kg … … factory one is just over 3
Believe factory is around 7?

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Thanks to all!

Just that I wasn’t thinking about taking off weight, but that’s how it came out when I disarmed it :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:, but it’s already clear to me that nothing happens and besides that it can be relieved even more

Thanks Again!!

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