For all new people

This is the starting point. If your a new person then please say hi here in this section first to get started in our community.
Could every please make a new thread in this section as the starting point not in this thread. Thankyou


Hi Daihards I’m Col and I drive a 90’ L201 with an efel swap for now .I’m aiming at modding my ED10 to put back in then try boosting B-)

welcome col sounds good man!

Hi my names Anthony, bought a cx recently and going to make her mint

My name is Adam and I am a Charade fan.

I owned a 1993 G200 CS hatch as a brand new car back in 1993… loved it, loved how she loved to rev.

About 4 years ago I used a G201 Detomaso as a club racer. Wish I had never sold it as it was so much fun.

Contemplating acquiring an F2 if I can find a tidy one at the right price… but shhh don’t tell the Financial Controller!

please everyone start your own intro thread this here is was just a message so you know where to start your intro thread.

Hi everyone,
Just (re)introducing myself. I’ve just transferred from the old where I lurked about for a few years, trying to get some inspiration.

Currently have 0 daihatsu, suzuki or any other projects on the go. Was keen on an old F20/F50 project, but finding a 1/2 decent car to start from is proving hard here in Tassie.

Old F10 - was my pride and joy.

Hey whats up guys? I have been watching for a while and finally signed up!
My name is Maurits and I’m from the Netherlands, I currently drive my second L700 with the engine and gearbox of the old one and also saved a L200 from the junkyard that is ready to roll and for sale!

welcome aboard mate. More people from the netherlands is good there seems to be a growing dai community there.

Yeah quite a lot nowadays, even have our own forum, international of course but a lot Dutch people.

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ahh yes I am in that facebook group.

I have a 1997 Move and am looking around to see other peoples mods and other work they have done to theirs.

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Hello there, I drive a 03 Cuore l701s and looking to swap out the auto ejde for a manual k3ve-t or a copen engine. But p platers do have their restrictions so patience is key for me. :frowning_face:

Hi,I am Mike from Europe with red 3 door l251,glad to be member of Dai world

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Hi my name is Rick and I drive a 1987 l80 it’s completely stock .

I came here looking for some info about the l701 model , witch I want to buy and engine swap it to a k3 series engine

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Hi all my name is Dylan.

I just impulse bought a 1986 F70 (in dp). My mate bought a F85 and its turned out to be a great little truck.

Signed up to discuss the ins and outs of the Big Rigs and see the potential these little beasts have with a bit of work.



Hi Daihards! I’ve just bought my first Daihatsu - a little yellow Hijet born in 1983. After my delightful mechanic gets the timing belt and wheel bearing in order it’ll be ready for it’s first drive in a while. Can’t wait.

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Hi Ash Welcome mate enjoy the forum and cant wait to see a pic of your Hijet

Hi everyone new to this site

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