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welcome mate you will probably find it a little different to fb which has its pros and cons

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Hey everyone! Mike here from NZ - I have this little beast for a few years now and mid way through a engine swap! :slight_smile: been on the fb page a while but the build has been on a pause for a while, getting back into it and hopfully have it fire up soon!

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Welcome to the forum Mike where it is vastly different from facebook. Enjoy and please trawl through the pages and search for what ever is of interest there is lots of info in here.

Hi I’m Steve I only found the site I have a g200 ive had it for 12 years has over 300k and still going strong

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Hi Steve, Welcome aboard! Wow a g200 for 12 years that’s awesome. Got any pics of this survivor?

Hi my name is Boaz.

I wanted a Cuore way before i had my drivers licence and now i own a green L701.
But it needs some love.

Here to learn more about the Cuore

hi here in this section :grinning:

I’ m Martin and I just did the first 90 kilometers in my recently acquired Copen (L880).

I bought it ten days ago as a non starter, partially disassembled.
It was supposed to have severe cylinder head damage…

Well - all I invested to get it running was a new starter battery, a set of NGK’s finest sparkplugs and a bit of time.

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welcome mate nice copen and nice score. Great little cars!