FOR SALE K3VE2 swap kit and EJ-VE

Cheers guys,

since I’ve quitted my project thanks to german legislation I’m trying to sell off all the stuff I have laying around from the build.

The most interesting one probably is the K3VE2 package which includes:
-subframe(optional, can be removed)
-wiring harness
-Ignition system(immobilizer + ignition lock with key)
-fuse boxes
-ABS sensors all around
-ABS block
-front brake system (with new brakes and pads included from Brembo, still in box)
-rear bigger drum brakes(with new brake pads from Bosch)
-all auxiliaries(including power steering pump and reservoir)
-steering(from the Sirion M100, a Cuore L701 power steering rack is available as well though)
-fuel pump
-shift linkage

apart from the new brake parts there are new spark plugs from Denso as well
price point: 400€ negiotable

I’m also selling the EJ-VE as a whole package without the catalytic converter for 80€

I also have spare chassis parts and interior pieces from the Cuore L701 as well as the Sirion M100 sport front seats which I’m also selling.

Shipping for the engine is possible although it will probably be pricey

Gonna include pictures of the engines in the next hours/day

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Where in Germany are you located? I’m interested :slight_smile:
Feel free to message me in private.


Do you have a picture of those seats? Thanks!

Here is a pic of them :slight_smile: