For Sale: Mick's G102 HD Chapplause

Hello all

The SAD day has arrived where I need to sell the Mighty Charade

I small history of it is here from the old forum:

There are more things that have been done to the car since then

It is quick, well built, efficient, money spent, practical, reliable and very capable

Will be sold with half a shed full of spares including spare healthy HC-E 1.3L engine and long list of spares

I am posting it here first. Inspections highly welcome. Rego til mid April 18. Lots of work done to it.

PM me for contact details or questions. Located Georges Hall, NSW.


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Sad day indeed - but all good things I guess!

Love the pic of Charade towing the bikes to a track day - the only way that could have been bettered was if it was towing a track prepared Charade…

Hope you find a good home for the old girl - I still love mine too much to sell it.

wow it is a sad day you have had this for so long. I hope the next owner treats it as well as you have. Good luck with sale mate. :+1:

I have been putting off advertising it for a little while now, but unfortunately it is my only option. I’ve had her for 7 years and was driven daily and honestly never skipped a beat.

I need to drive my kids to school/child care daily now and unfortunately the mighty Charade has become just a tad too small for prams etc and I am concerned of the ANCAP rating for the little ones in the back, especially on Sydney’s roads with “high quality” driving skills.

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Haha high quality driving skills. I found an old Applause safety report. Half to 1 stars all round
:cry: :-1:

Hope it goes to someone who appreciates it too. Sad times :cry:

Cheers guys.

Please share with anyone that may be interested.

Any updates?