For Sale: Storia Touring ECU

Hi guys, I have a Storia Touring ECU up for sale. I was planning to use it in my build but unfortunately it doesnt have EOBD (European OBD) which basically means when I go for a rego check the rego inspctors test equipment wont connect. And because I would have to swap my immobilzer eeprom from my original ecu into this to get it to work that would leave my without a spare to swap back for rego checks, thus its proving to be not worth the hassle.
The Storia Touring (K3-VE2) is advertised as having 108HP even though the motor is identical to the AUD and EUD variants, which are only advertised as having 102HP. So the theory is the JDM is tuned for 98 whereas the Au and Eu variants are tuned for 95.
If your interested send me a PM, I could post worldwide at buyers expense.

PM Sent


If not sold to TPG i’m interested aswel!