Franken motor not behaving

Hey guys, have a bit of a project l200 Mira I acquired a little bit ago. It has had the Franken motor 850cc block with 660cc efi head swap already done to it. I have a bit of a problem on my hands at the moment. (Very sorry if this is a stupid question it is true that I am not the smartest at times). Hopefully someone with a bit more experience might be able to help me out.

At the moment she runs pretty rough. When I unplug the MAP sensor vacuum hose in runs smooth, just rather rich. However, with the MAP sensor all plumbed up it chokes and stalls out. When I give it some gas, it bogs down and backfires as well. Is this a result of a faulty MAP sensor?

I have asked some other Facebook groups and they are suggesting an adjustable fuel pressure regulator. Should I be chasing one of these? Just a bit unsure as I am new to Daihatsu’s and older cars like my Mira, thanks guys for the help. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Also apologies if this in the wrong chat.

Hi Please make your way over to the All New people Section and start a new topic (top right) and do a small intro about yourself and/or car etc. It just helps with site security and helps the members know a little more and you may get a little more help, Also after doing that and some time having a look through and reading some posts etc it will open the forum more to ou So you can access things like Manuls etc.
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