FREE - CV Joints

FREE, just cover my postage costs.

2x outer CV joint kits, including joint, grease, rubber boot, clips. Ready to go. Never been fitted. I bought as compatible for M1 Sirion which they are definitely not!

One is a Japanparts GI-624, part number 43410B1010. The other is a Febest 0910-025.

I think the Japanparts one of for an M3 Sirion, as well as myriad other Daihatsu models, the Febest reckons its for an M1 sirion, but certainly does not fit mine, so possibly for a 989cc engine’d one? Also says its compatible with YRV (M2) model. But not Turbo 130s I don’t think.

Please can someone take them away before I put them into my scrap metal pile?


If you were not in the uk then I would grab them. I noticed when doing a conversion on my old budget track hack that the cv shafts on an L251 were the same count as my suzuki MK1 cv’s and I was able to put the suzuki cv on them. All other shafts I had for L200, Sirion and L700 were one tooth less from memory.
I hope this info helps someone.
Someone grab these!!!


Please do post when you have found something compatible. In South Africa and bought Gibson cvs that lasted exactly 6 months on my M1. Considering imported parts. Any reputable brands? Can one get these from DH?