Free L700 parts New Zealand

Planning to Dismantle and section my donor cars shell ready to take to the scrap man after the lockdown.
So if anyone wants something let me know and I’ll put it to the side till after the lockdown.
Car was a front and back write off so bumpers bonnet and boot are no good.


Can you take more pics of what’s available bro?
Or have you already done that :grin:

I’ve taken the engine and drive train including the shift mechanism, computer and loom, front and rear suspension, petrol pump, the rear view mirror and the dash cluster.
Damaged stuff from the accident, bonnet, boot, taillights, both bumpers, one of the headlights and one of the guards (can’t remember what side right now) and the radiator.
All the glass is good, the doors are good the interior has been disassembled but is in the car.
I’ll try to take some more photos tomorrow.

I am interested in the LHS roof moulding if it will fit the Cuore Van (2 door) and is still in good condition?

It should have the clip at each end. Could you pop that off and measure the length?

If it is the right length and in good condition I would be willing to pay for postage to QLD, Australia.

Curious if it would be Type A or Type B as per pic;

i’d probably go for the front screen bro
Pedal box?
RH lamp if its not the one damaged

image looks like type B 1380mm long without the end caps. They are a bit grubby but look like they’ll clean up it’s just going to take a little more than a wipe down with a wet sponge.

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I’ll put the screen aside for you. The pedal box currently has the clutch pedal off of it but if I can find the box I put it in I’ll put it back together for you. I couldn’t find the headlight it’s probably in the same box as the clutch pedal.

thanks bro!
i’d go for the window trim as well - outside trim between window and door panel whatever you like to call them :man_facepalming:
you;re down hamilton way aye>
i’m heading down there to do a job once lockdown is over

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Yeah I’m in Meremere halfway between Auckland and Hamilton. I’ll put the trim aside too.

Sorry for the delayed response @l80mad I have been a little crook.

I just measured mine and it is the same length (1380mm and ~1500mm total). Could you please weigh it and get a cost postage estimate and put it aside?

My only concern atm is post/mail services between NZ and AUS might be incredibly limited due to COVID-19.

I will check with someone in Sydney who is currently wrecking a Cuore (applegeek) and see if he has one available as our land postal services are functioning.

Late edit: I am still interested in the LHS roof moulding if it is not to inconvenient. I have found the NZ Postal service updated postal charges during the COVID-19 webpage;

image I’ve had a look at the NZ post web site looks like it’ll be $10.30 to send the roof trim. Doesn’t look like there are any surcharges for Australia at the moment.

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Sorry I cracked the windscreen trying to get it out. I have found the clutch pedal though but I am still looking for the step bolt that holds it in. Sadly the good headlight is the left oneimage

That sounds awesome - sending you a PM.

no worries at all bro.
i cracked mine while removing one too!
i’ll take what i can get - no stress on bolts etc

Would you mind cutting out chassis parts and sending those? Here in holland we get allot of rust and there are no weld-in pieces for sale. I can weld but some structual bits are very hard to replicate. Also going to the wreckers and finding a piece there wont do since every L700 has the same rust spots…

I have literally just finished cutting what was left of the shell into pieces. If the bit you want is still in one piece I’m happy to cut it out for you. I’m not sure how cost effective it is to get steel parts to holland tho.

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Yesterday’s progression image image image image image

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Well the biggest part i need is the rear spring seating. The top part with the beam. Id have to look for shipping prices.

I’ve used the spring seats on a trailer i made using the rear suspension. Sorry

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Ah shame, but ill still look into the shipping prices.