Fresh L7 & S85 owner on the forum

Hi all!

My name is Maron, I’m from the Netherlands.
I currently own a L7 Cuore and a S85 Hijet that I’m converting into a Micro Campervan! If you’re interested in following this van build you can find it on Instagram and tiktok under @hijet_bubbles

I previously owned a Feroza which I converted to a off-road beast which brought me all over Europe to explore nature and beyond.

Sadly after multiple engine and tranny swaps it was time to let her go.

I recently purchased a L7 with the complete Mira Turbo bodykit (sadly without the turbo) with some goodies already on it. I’ve already upgraded allot of stuff myself and there is still lots to come!

A little modlist on the L7

  • UltraRacing Front Strutbar
  • Aluminum Radiator Upgrade
  • Jasma certified RVS Header
  • Cobra Suspension Lowering Springs
  • White OZ-Racing Superturismo WRC 15” 6.5J ET42
  • Running lights
  • Yellow Foglights
  • Window tint

The things I would still like to do:

  • Cruiscontrol
  • Electric Side Mirrors
  • Paint the mirrors, doorhandles and back licenseplate light holder thingy in the body color
  • Rear wiper delete
  • Front window banner
  • Coilovers
  • Front lip
  • Brake upgrade

I am looking to upgrade my brakes to a bigger diameter. Does anyone have some tips or treads on this? I have no clue what brakes would fit, I’ve heared Sirion and Copen but i’m not sure if it’s a direct fit or you need the replace some stuff. would love to hear your guy’s imput on this.


Welcome to the forum.
It looks like you had some fun with the feroza.
Looks like you will also have some fun with the L7 and the microvan. I personally don’t frequent instagram very often but will follow next time I am there if I remember. Tik Tok I don’t even go to.
In regards to the brake upgrade yes sirion or copen is the go-to. I would imagine you may need the whole setup including the knuckle and calipers. I have only used them to upgrade L2 and L6 and cant advise on this for L7. Many others on here will know.

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welcome to the forum, i think someone tilted your paddock there :wink:

Welkom! That are some nice dai’s you have there. Any plans on making a build thread?

Thanks Mophius! I wasn’t really planning on doing so as the mods on the L7 are probably gonna be kept minor since it’s just a daily and atm I’m fully invested in building Bubbles the Hijet into a ridiculously overbuild campervan as I just love building so much haha. I created an Instagram and tiktok for the van build but gotta say it’s hard to maintain, as filming and building at the same time is something you gotta remember doing during building and I keep getting carried away in full #buildmode haha :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And as an addition to that I just spend around 3 hours going trough @Blyatsu his build thread and are completely blown away by it! I could never come close too such a epic thread haha. So much time invested and such a epic project to read! The knowledge he aquirred over the years is mind blowing! As you may have guessed @Blyatsu there are some questions heading your way! :joy:

Maybe if I can find the time someday I’ll make a thread for Bubbles as some people might find it interesting :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

And I’m all ears, so come find me once you start running into any problems :sunglasses:

That’s awesome. My parents also have a Hijet campervan, not a off-road one but still awesome. It would be great if you make a build thread. I don’t use social media so otherwise I’ll won’t be able to follow it :wink:

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Ah that’s awesome! Mine isn’t 4wd either tho. Did they make it themselfs or did they get the pre designed camper van one? I’ll consider starting a thread :+1: maybe when I’m a bit further in the build and I can upload allot of progress at once :slight_smile:

Theirs is a simple pickup with a romahome on top of it