Fresh nug

Hey guys!
Brand new here! Just scored myself a l200 with a rough as guts ef el.
Keen to start fiddling with it once I find a workshop manual and get it running smooth!
It’s blowing some smoke, probably needs new engine mounts and it seems to run smoother when I unplug and block off the map sensor. Any ideas or help would be awesome!

Thanks guys!! X


Welcome Adam! You should be able to find a workshop manual here on the forum. Would love to see some pictures.

Thanks! I’ve been reading and I think I have to post a bit to get access! I’ll actually go take some pictures now! :call_me_hand:t2::grin:

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Welcome aboard.

Welcome Adam, Might be a vacuum leak from the map sensor hose? Just a guess as I really have no idea

I had a good sus of all hoses and lines and it all seems in tact which is a good start! However the car seems to run heaps better when I have the map sensor un plugged. It doesn’t want to rev at all and just sounds super sloppy and blows smoke everywhere when it in plugged into the map sensor

I have Moved the vacuum line that runs from the rocker cover to the intake, to the air box and it cleared a fair amount of the smoke, but I’m assuming no map sensor means it would be running very rich.

Any ideas fam? Would actually be a really fun car if it wasn’t bogging down and spluttering when I put my foot into it.


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You need to get a wide band sensor onto it to see when it is rich/lean.

What does the map sensor look like? You can try mine to see if it’s the culprit