Friday night Lighs Video

Here is the Link to the Video for the drag night at Willowbank 9/2/2018.

Video Credit to @Luke for getting the awesome Shots.


Loved seeing the Moves go heads up. Well done Jimmy!

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The moves were so close in the 2nd run. Here is a pic of the timeslips.

I was 276 obviously

Haha. Looks like a bunch of fun guys.
Great videoing there.
What happened to the L200? There seemed to be a bit of smoke over the line.

he pretty much burnt out the clutch on the first run. he has a valve on his exhaust and he had the car set to quiet and low boost and did a 2nd gear start. The car still smelt like clutch a hour or so later when he went for second run. after stalling off the line and then flooding etc he decided to put the boot in for the rest of the run and popped the headgasket at the end there (he was up around 25ish psi I think by then). We ended up going back to my place and grabbing my other car and trailer and taking it back to his place for him. I never looked under the bonnet but alot of oil coming from it.

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Chris! Franken motors are for farms and bush b ashing. There’s no point in the “big boost” thing in motorsport if everything keeps going “pop”.

Ah. Man that sux.
Glad to see the little cars going hard.

yeh true with big boost and things popping but I know Tim had his fair share of pops with the ej also at 20-22psi. I just want a nice comfy boost with a bit more oomph. I will prob look at going max of around 14 psi.

On my starlet I’m running a vf35 on 30 psi. Way past its efficiency but we pulled revs (5500) and power out of it to get better traction and to keep up with fuel.
Still goes ok.
We had to use arp head bolts and Athena head gasket
Hope this link works.

That was with bad wheel spin. Slow run. I think high 11s or even a 12. We limited the revs to 5500 to compensate for running out of fuel up top. Small injectors.

Not a comment about you Jimmy - Chris goes a little too Fraken. I’d like to see him back off on the extreme single minded focus on engine power for a more balanced or incremental approach and be able to complete full events. Tim pushed boundaries, but with quite an informed approach - EFI Performance provided much input, dyno time and optimisation of his tune with the closed loop wolf ecu - custom inlet and exhaust by Boost Obsession (Damien T) - constant drive train improvements (which accounted for most of the break downs) - and so on. Also as EFIMira got more power so did it get more grip and bigger brakes. Like Paul said, ARP studs and good head gasket for high boost - you can’t dramatically improve one part of a system without some focus on the weak links. I’d like the best for Chris. I am sure I offered him for free an Autronic SMC ecu for better control for almost permanent loan. Knowledge does not equal understanding and we all need to

Oh I realise it wasn’t a comment about me. I never took it that way. :+1:

Limited to 5500rpm wow. IfI ever keep the move N/a I will probably look at putting in an ef/el ecu as I have one or 3 here just so i can get more revs out of it. The move is limited to 6000rpm and I have had a franken engine with both a ef/el ecu and an ed20 ecu now and I must say the ef/el ecu was much better. I will be keeping the move ecu in it though as I like the idea of being limited to 6k rpm with a turbo on it for the car’s safety. At the moment though I am more concentrating about handling first and have some rear springs to test out in the next few days. My move handles terrible at Lakeside so i have to make some changes, also I will be going an inch wider with wheels from 5 - 6 inch. The other move in the video is rock solid compared to mine.

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I wish it was as easy to get guys from Sydney to meet up and have fun like that.
People here don’t even like driving…
One guy complained once because we wanted to do a national park cruise. It was too far.
I told him to join a chess club.
Why have a car if you don’t use it.