Fuel consumption Ej-de

In cuore L701 ej-de 1000cc which is the fuel consumption?
In auto and manual transmittion?
Anyone measure it?

For some indication of potential a std EJ-DE in a stripped out L200, 4.4:1 final drive, five speed, with only headers and a light flywheel was getting me 20km/l on a hilly commute to work (400m diff in evelvation, so big up hill home). My tank only holds 20 litres and it would konk out at 400km (I carry spare fuel as the little tank has no fuel gauge).

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I fill my tank ant takes 30liter of fuel.Why?

I’m getting approximately 4.5L/100km with my L251 on the highway, 5L/100km city.

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The tanks capacity is supposed to be 40L it could mean that the float is out and your gauge is reading empty with residual in the tank. Unless you literally run the car till empty and then fill it you won’t be certain. Also the cut-off might triggering earlier then needed if the fuel bowser inflow is to great and causing greater splash back.

Fuel Tank Capacity : 40 L, 8.8 UK gallons, 10.6 US gallons

Today i fill the tank from empty(under the red line) and took it 30.5liter of fuel.
350km with 30.5liter fuel is the consumption of the automatic 1000cc ejde with 10w-40 oil.
And 165/70R13

Well, because it’s under the red line, doesn’t mean that is empty. Maybe, just maybe, your floater switch in the tank is a little bit off, or your tank is dirty… if you want to be sure, go to the gas station while you are under the red line, use there the remaning gas you have on the tank, until the car shutdown. Then refill it until is full! Then see trully how much L of gas you took in!

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