Fuel regulator hose location

Hi folks, I am from malaysia… recently got myself a kancil, with efjl swapped in… the fuel regulator got a hose that is unplugged

been asking for ages about this on facebook groups club kancil turbo, no one seems to be bothered to answer…

any guide would be useful
Thank you

Should go to the open barb on the manifold for vacuum reference (I see it almost in the middle of your image). It balances out the atmospheric pressure that the injectors face. Think of it this way, the injectors are pumping into pressure or vacuum inside the manifold and that line needs to tell the regulator what is happening inside the manifold to add more or less fuel. Atmospheric pressure affects what goes on inside the manifold too so think of it as a “balance” of pressure.

Please post in the “all new people”, it asks you to do a little introduction and add a pic of your Dai.


Thank you mr gormsby… Finally someone who we can rely upon… ill post at all new people after this…