Fuelpump or timing problem with HD-E?

Hey everybody,

So i swapped the HD-E from an applause into my charade and it runs fine when driving normally but when i start revving it high (5K RPM and over) It’ll bang really loudly from the exhaust and brake on the motor for a moment. The check engine light also blinks for like half a second.
Could this be because I’m still running the stock charade fuel pump?

shouldn’t be, unless it’s been ages since you replaced the fuel filter, sounds more like a spark problem to me


I don’t think the fuel filter has ever been replaced, so i think I’ll start with that. How would that restrict the fuel though? And would there be a different capacity or something from the applause filter or does that not matter?

edit: I read an article about bad fuel filters and the symptoms seem to be the same as those i am having, will check mine out tomorrow and change the plugs while I’m on it.