Future how to's and test procedures!?

Today i got the news that i’m able to make use of some space in a warehouse. So my Gino will be parked there and taken apart quite far for some preventive maintenance and deep cleaning. (The complete underside will be stripped and the interior too for a mayor part).
While i have it in there i’m going to make a list of test procedures (mostly electrically) as most of EF and EJ stuff is very similar according to my manuals.

I might also make a few how to’s on some stuff (electrical and mechanical) if there’s any interest.
I’ve got a few manuals (in japanese and dutch) that explain quite a bit. But i’m sure clear photo’s and explanation is more useful than a bad translation from a manual. Plus i assume not everybody has a oscilloscope but does have a multimeter. So i’ll try to make some of the scope test procedures into multimeter test procedures.

So please answer below on the things you’d like to see how to’s and test procedures for.

It might take a little time to make them. But i’ll try to put the info out as soon as possible.


Man that sounds awesome I’ will be interested in both electrical and Mechanical.
I have often wondered if those really cheap Oscilloscopes (pic for reference) would be worth getting and seeing what can be done with them. If that is something that you could do also along with the multimeter? If not I’m pretty excited to see what you anyway.

I do have a cheap multimeter with built in "oscilloscope*. So i can try that as well.

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A little update.

I started some of the measurements today. Unfortunately i figured out quite quickly that it’s not possible to substitute a oscilloscope for a multimeter. Also… My multimeter with built in scope didn’t work for this. But maybe other brands might.
However, i’m still going to post the results and how to’s for getting the scope readings.
Mostly because a oscilloscope can be bought for quite cheap. And it’s pretty essential for troubleshooting during engine swaps and other loom and sensor related stuff.
After today i’m seriously considering buying one myself (i’m using one from my work right now).

A little sneak peek…


Bonus points to the person who can guess the sensor for which you can see the scope reading in the photo.

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I squinted as much as I could and still my eyes are not good enough so My guess is TPS?