FWD race cars____

Note the weight transfer of the Civic


Yoooooooow; I’ve watched that vid. Love the balance of that car; even though his ratios are a tad short for the track the handling is insane

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He’s a good driver, the race against the celica and commodore at bathurst are unreal :wink:


I offer help at times with handling advice. This is based on experience, spending time with/listening to professionals at the top of their classes and the consequential understanding that such afford. The following video is a “well sorted” car. Note the weight transfer and think about the set up and the advice I often give. I certainly don’t “know it all” and am keen to learn.


I’m going to be watching this when I get home tonight. Thanks Mr G.

I would consider it to be a fairly neutral car. There are other youtubes of it

I thought I would add this to the collection - some useful tips on getting the best out of fwd on the track:

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Great videos! That astra is a rocket!