G100, Perth w.a

Hi all! Have a 1988 g100 charade fitted with the powerful cb23 :laughing: Affectionately named “spicy Beyblade” after managing to spin a full 360° in a roundabout bypass lane and keep going.
I am a mechanic by trade but as all of my experience is in new cars I’m looking forward to learn more about carbys, Dizzy’s ect.
Wouldn’t mind putting some coilovers and some bracing in it eventually, bit of a boat even with some lowered springs, so any help that aspect would be great.


Welcome to the Forum! I don’t know much about the charades, but, hopefully others can help out.

welcome mate. If you want a little more out of the N/A cb23 I suggest lightening the flywheel and a bigger exhaust (up to 2 inch) and that will have you zooming a bit more. :slight_smile: the strut bar brace really helped on my daughter’s g202 when she had it and her’s was on king springs also which made it handle well.


To add to that, if you are happy to run 98, you can advance the timing for a little more pickup too.

Also, (Not 100% if it was just in my head) if you put a open air-filter on top, hot rot style, it did seem to pick up a lil more in the top end.


Welcome back @darkaxi0m, been a while since seeing you mate

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Thanks for tips, I plan on putting a set of extractors soon and deleting some of the emission control things, already taken a bit of weight out by taking the spare tyre, heater core, rear seat back and the rear interior including all carpets and plastic panels haha, even relocated the speakers to the front doors so I can get rid of the parcel shelf :laughing:
I wonder where I can get some bracing from though, have seen some from ultra racing but want roughly $300-$400 not including postage :confused:

I wouldn’t mind running 98, i usually run a minimum of 95 anyway, how much advance would give a half decent result? Have to pull the timing belt off soon and was gonna put an open air filter on it anyway to bin the large metal box that’s currently on it. Maybe even some electronic distributor/point conversion to get a stronger spark.


Welcome to the forum :slight_smile: can get a cdi ignition setup from John Verban to replace the points, had one on my G11

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Aw sweet how did it go? Might be keen on getting a cheeky snooper charger kit from kemotorsport too, have emailed him just gotta hear back :wink:

ring the guy if you want it he is notorious for not getting back to people.