G102 1.3 HCE-E build

Hi gang,

My new import HCE-E has arrived! I will be using this thread to post the builds progress. Plan is to do the prep work over the next few nights to the motor - removal of the old engine and replacement to commence this Tues/Wed. Super flipping excited. My mechanical experience has literally been that of one radiator replacement, and one timing belt - so this is new ground for me. Wish me luck Dai fans… shes beautiful

Cheers :slight_smile:


So got the Engine on the stand - and man am I happy. At first I thought this had been cleaned up so the outer looked good and I’d find the usual signs of high use and potential wear and tear
underneath, but hell - this thing is clean as!

Even had a factory DENSO Daihatsu oil filter! :grinning:
So as i took off the timing cover to begin the timing belt replacement - clean as a whistle! Replacing the belt felt like total overkill - but not worth the risk especially when you have access like this to just get it done !

After hooking out the seals and replacing them - moved onto the water pump. It was also is great condition - now I have a spare.
The view under the valve cover impressed me the most - the last timing belt I did, the internals of the head did not look like this! and the valve cover itself looked as if someone had a bonfire under there - took me forever to clean up last time. This time its going to take me about 30 secs.

Tonight will be installing the new timing belt and parts, paint the valve cover, replace the rocker gasket, change the oil filter and might muck around with the A/C condenser.
Tomorrow I order my extractors!!!


Well bailed out on extractors (for now) as I did not want to commit to something that may have meant I possibly wouldn’t finish in the time frame so leaving the exhaust for another day, and another thread! Timing belt done, water pump replaced, new thermo and thermo housing, cleaned up and painted the starter motor, painted the rocker cover. The new 1.3 is basically ready to go.


All Cleaned up

rocker clean up

rocker etched
All done - pretty happy!

rocker cover finished
Gasket done

Did a couple of time lapse vids of the engine removal but not that good - plus phone was dying.
Will post if anyone is interested.

Engine out now.
Tomorrow will be:
cleaning engine bay, sway bar, bonnet and anything else I can while I have the access. painting the exhaust manifold. Replacing broken CV boot. Install and test new engine.
Sorry if this is a bit of a bore to the more seasoned members - probably all basic stuff to most, but I get a lot of ideas, help and feedback from this forum so keen to share the love!

Cheers Dai fans


Well you can plan things - but sometimes things don’t go to plan.
Once I got the trans apart - it was apparent the clutch was toast and the fly wheel needed machining, not to mention it was FULL of oil :frowning:
Not the end of the world, but meant getting the engine back together and in the car was out the window!

Cleaning went well, got stuck into painting the bits and bobs I needed to while waiting on the fly wheel to be machined.

Starter motor:


Exhaust manifold:

Ah! New clutch, trans fluid, inlet manifold and freshly machined flywheel!


Didn’t get to the CV yet - found a whole shaft for $150 so will pick it up and replace while its disassembled. Going to wrap my busted one in plastic and buy another boot, and refurbish to put away for a rainy day.

Had to swap all the brackets for the A/C condenser and engine mounts over as slightly different on this new engine I picked up - but gave me a good chance to clean them up nice and get all the oil of them.

All going well - install will happening this coming Monday or Tuesday - depending on my 9-5.
Hoping I can get a few helpful pointers and I’ll post over in Q&A.
I thought I was doing a good job of labeling the spider web of hoses as I removed them, but upon reflection I have done a shit job and it will now probably be the hardest part of the install! lol