G102 knocking and sounds shitty :(

Just uploaded a vid Re: how shitty my charade is sounding.
I know about the rocker cover leak and have got the gasket set ready to fix it this weekend! Could this be my problem?
Any advice on what could cause the G102 to sound this way is greatly appreciated.
I want to learn so I can fix these things for myself!
Sorry also if cross posting in multiple threads is annoying. Happy to edit posts if frowned upon!

Thanks guys

also, video no longer private! sorry haha

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Have you checked and adjusted your valve clearances? It’s not hard to do.

Thanks for the response mate, and no I haven’t.
I have the G102 manual handy at home. Would this be something explained in there or could you point me to a thread that may have the info? :+1:

Thanks again @JC050 really appreciate your time

It should be in the manual. You will need a set of feeler gauges and 12mm spanner for the rocker adjusters. Do it with the motor hot, 10 thou (0.25mm) on the intakes and 12 thou (0.3mm) on the exhaust valves.


Has it got an exhaust leak? Sounds like it…

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sounds like valve clearances like JC said.

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@Paulep82 thanks for the reply - Is there any way to check for a leak? Sorry im a noob
@welby @JC050 - thanks guys appreciate the feedback and you taking the time! :+1:

easiest way to check for exhaust leak is while running grab a heap of rag and cover the exhaust outlet, you will hear it straight away.

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Thanks mate! going to give this a try asap!
All the feedback is really appreciated guys!

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So couldn’t confirm their was an exhaust leak. Sounded tight to me but the noise changed in sound a little and didn’t want to wait any longer / do damage tinkering myself, So I’ve booked her in with the pro’s for Thursday morning to get to the bottom of the oil leaks and find out why she is running rubbish. Thanks all for your input. Hoping its a simple fix.

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Seems like I may have some major issues from the mob who did my engine change.
Leaks from behind the timing belt, rocker cover and the rear seal, but will have to wait for more diagnosis. Mechanic seems to think the engine may be a lemon and its losing oil pressure once it warms up and that’s where the high end knocking is coming from after a decent run. They will put the pressure gage on it and hopefully can come up with some answers. Its just out of warrantee so hoping the guys do right by me and get it fixed up or swapped over. Kicking myself I didn’t buy the $500 applause now :disappointed: not the news I was wanting!

That’s shitty news about leaks. Although you are right in some ways about the guys who installed the motor it is also sometimes difficult in their defence when you get a motor in it is more often than not clean and pressure washed by the supplier, making it very hard to diagnose leaks. Although it is good practice to change main seals when you are fairly sure they are old, it is not always done.
The downside is now you have to pull the gear box off and front pulley off to change them also The camgears and timing belt and so on.
While you are there make sure you change all of that so you don’t pay labour again in the future.
As for the oil pressure that is a different story. That is just a worn out part or possibly worst case a bearing issue which sux!
It’s always difficult from the workshops point of view because I’ve been in the situation before when customers want a secondhand part or engine and you yourself supply it but don’t really know the condition of it as you are also buying it in as a used part.
I’m sure the supplier didn’t plan on the motor dying as soon as the warranty ran out. He would have been supplied the motor him self and I’m sure it is not good business practice to do that to people. Although seals may have been replaced as good commonsense and business practice I’m sure no one supplies a part with the intention of it failing fairly soon after warranty period.
I know it sucks for you but maybe talk to the workshop and try and get something done by them and if they are decent they will most likely help you out.
Maybe suggest to them that they talk to their engine supplier as well and maybe you can come to agreement about all three parties.
Hope it works out for you

Thanks Paule yeah i hear you. The engine was one of theres as they are also a wreckers. Apparently it came from the bosses GFs car! Yeah always a gamblw on 2nd hand vs recon. Part of me thinks of it doesnt work out, ill find a nice little donor and use it for a run about while it goes through the paces, and if she passes the test, in the wedding car she goes! Cheers mate

Don’t think I’m on anyone’s side by that hey. It’s just crap luck sometimes and the gamble of 2nd hand.
Still crappy news though

Haha no for sure man. I get what you mean and respect your opinion for sure dude! At the ed of the end day old or new cars can throw problems our way, and if we didnt love them, we’d walk away. Always good to think about think from both sides of the fence. I appreciate all the feedback you’ve been giving me and the knowledge you share. Big 🖒 up mate!

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So after much deliberating, talks with mechanics and quotes, I have decided to give this a go myself.
I have a new timing belt kit with seals, a distributor seal and a new rocker cover gasket set.
Armed with my G102 workshop manual (thanks L2D) youtube and this forums help, I’m going to get these leaks sorted and try and adjust the tappets myself as you guys previously suggested.
I really want to be able to do this stuff myself and there’s no time like the present. to get learning
Wish me luck :+1:


If you get stuck, PM me and ill shoot you my number. I could probably talk you through a lot of it.

that’s all i have done previously, if i can do it anyone can :smiley:

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@Paulep82 you are n absolute legend. I will mate and really appreciate the offer! :+1:

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Armed with my manual. I got cracking on Monday past with trying to sort this knocking out and plug my G102’s leaks. Timing belt, Water pump, Rocker cover gasket, Plugs, filters, and fixed my A/C tensioner bracket that was missing a spacer and my beast is sounding ALOT better already.







I’ll upload a vid a bit later of it starting to show the difference. I still have the valve clearances to check out and make sure they are all 100% but then if everything is running well, extractors and a 2" exhaust will be my next move to begin creating a little more power!

I just picked up my new wheel bearing hubs, shoes and brakes and will be putting them in this weekend!
This was the first time I had attempted anything mechanical and happy to say it was a success! All with the help of the G102 manual, L2D, & my father in laws tools :wink:

Thanks all for your input and advice! :+1:

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