G102 won't rev past 3000

Ok so here’s my problem

I’m in the middle of a HD-E into G102 swap. Everything seems OK, engine starts, runs, seems in decent condition. But it won’t rev past 3000, and when I’ve put the timing light on it, the timing goes backwards once it hits 2500-3000 as if hitting a rev limiter. I’ve swapped every possible sensor, using both charade and applause parts (i have plenty of parts cars), have tried both hc and hd ecus, changed distributor, throttle body, fuel rail and injectors, none of this has made any difference.

Anyone has this problem before? Seems to me like the ecu is pulling timing out to prevent damage for some reason.

Hi Adam welcome to the forum, please feel free to post an intro in the members area, and tell us more about yourself.

I would suggest you look at the timing marks on the crank and cam shaft. Sounds like your camshaft is advanced a tooth or three.

Your timing light is showing exactly what your distributor is doing. And the mechanical advance in your distributor will advance at 2500 rpm plus.
The HC-E abd HD-E from the g102 and a101 are mechanical with no additional help from the ecu

Thanks for the reply. I’ve been screwing around with it all weekend, I’m out of patience and time for now, but I’ll look at the cam timing next. I swapped the cam belt before putting this motor in, and i think i got it right, but I’ll look again. Cheers mate!