G11 auto gearbox repair

Hi Guys -

my G11 auto box slips in D - no worries in L but D won’t maintain speed and revs out.

Anyone had experience getting auto’s rebuilt/repaired?

(yes there’s fluid in it etc)


Hi Bob

Not with Daihatsu boxes, but I’ve had them rebuilt for a Kia Credos, and a Citroen C5 this century, and a Valiant back in the 80s. Have a chat with an auto box specialist. They should be able to give you a quote. Only you can decide if it’s worth it. A wrecker box could be an option but like most auto stuff it needs to be from a car that’s fresh in as the seals can dry out and you end up with more repairs. If you live near the ACT then I used C&S Transmissions in Dickson (don’t know if they’re still around). They used to do all the rebuilds for the dealers. Good luck!