G11 Turbo 926R Tribute Project - Sold Waiting Pickup

Sold waiting pickup.
1985 Charade G11 Turbo race car with mid-engine conversion - project.
Although I have done a couple of track days in this car, and it went and handled commendably, I am selling it as an unfinished project as you would have to redo brake lines and fuel tank and a few other things if you wanted to finish the project. The whole car should also be inspected by a mechanic or engineer to ensure it is fit for your chosen purpose. There may be a slim possibility of Rally Rego, but forget about re-registration for road use.
It is now a rolling body with no engine. It retains an original, neat G11 Turbo interior in the front and essentially has a G100 front end grafted into the rear, so configured like eg an MR2. You therefore have the option of bolting in a 1.0, 1.3, 1.5 or 1.6L engine. Or, put a 1.0T back in the front. Or both.
If you search charade 926R you will find some photos of the factory Daihatsu 926R prototypes in all their glory.
Comes with sought-after factory turbo boot spoiler, bilstein rally struts, AGI Precision roll cage, hydraulic handbrake and a bunch of spares including steering rack and 5-speed gearbox.
The car has been garaged in my possession and the body is very good, though needing a good wash.
Pickup from Ulladulla area, NSW.
Here is a link to a gmtree add I just created to show some photos:


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Good luck with sale

Thanks - I’ve added a gum tree add link with some photos. I will try to put some more detail on LiveToDai about the build some time.

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