G11 turbo build X 2

Hey there everyone I’ve been a long time Daihatsu fan my dad had a G11 when I was a couple years old and then a terios A couple years later which I then learner to drive in! Always had lots of love for little cars but Daihatsu more then anything when I turned I was lucky enough to be able to buy a white 1985 G11 turbo completely stock off my best friend’s brother for a great price drove it for a couple months then needed to take it off the road to start fixing up the suspension and some other of parts that weren’t doing so well after it say for a good 2 years I was finally able to get all the parts together (mostly from England) and put her back together! Then she was on the road for another 8 months until the motor blew from too much fun :wink: so back to the drive way she went to sit and wait for her day to come! After another year and a half we finally were able to put her into a workshop to get the motor rebuilt after 18 months of them off and on working on it and trying to find more parts we got her back and she didn’t even last a week until she blew a headgaslet and I took her to a different mechanics to find out the head had been shaved too many times and they didn’t do anything to the motor after spending lots of money and time waiting for it to be finished right the first time so back to square one with a broken motor and no parts so looked around and was able to find the original owner of my white charade that had lots of spare and rare and custom parts laying around in his dad’s shed so we talked up a deal and I told him the whole story and he was happy to help he gave me a spare gear box rear bumper and a cb60 motor with built internals and forged pistols and lots of other goodies he had spent big money on the motor can rev at 9k all-day with no problem any after getting all these parts I was very excited to put them onto my white one and get her back on the road again but then I had a serious problem.kn.my hands with having a crazy motor in such a stock small car that would kill.me in a heart beat haha! So it was back tot he drawing bored and as luck would have it a guy my father contacted 2 years earlier about parts who was a man collected of charades was interested in finding out more about the motor and said he would help us with advice on what Todo to ours anyway we got talking and he had this red G11 turbo thats he’s had for 15 years and bought it off an old man who bought it new and only drove it once a week to the shops and O we the years he had spent big money upgareding and doing different parts so we talked some more and I was able to do a deal with him to buy his red G11 since it was only 2 hours away from a where I lived and he was happy to give it to someone that would look after it any long story short I have just finished putting the built motor into the red one and putting the red car motor parts onto the white one so I can ahve 2 running charades so hopefully in about a week’s time I should have the red one on the road I will keep you posted on how it goes! Any for now here are some pictures!


Welcome Jon good luck with the red one being on the road. I love hearing of cars that do come back. Lot’s of cars never make it so hopefully you have both come back.

Welcome to the forum Jon, good to see the old ones getting the love they deserve

Welcome to the forum and thanks for making the step from facebook to the forum.