G11R near complete. Anybody need parts?

Most parts available, everything barring the gearbox.
C.Q. Rockhampton

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Not sure if you need anything but @Dan-MR1L

what do you want for turbo, carby pippng and ic?
Out of curiosity how much would you want for the whole thing?

Make an offer.
I was told the engine was rebuilt, no paperwork to prove it.
My mobile: 0431220346

Gearbox will be removed, I understand it may have a 4.6 final drive against my 4.2. Would be handy for me.

I’ll be reasonable, want it gone.

What do you want for the turbo?

Not really used to pricing this stuff, so here we go. Would prefer to sell the engine complete. It’ll be out so I can snatch the g/box. Also once the turbo is gone the engine sits here forever. Clutch to carb + intercooler (but it’s rough) the complete engine, is that of any interest to you?
$400 + freight. Not sure of it true worth, guesstimate.

$400 whole car less g/box.

If the front bar has no cracks or damage I will buy it now if you can ship to Canberra :slight_smile:

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Think it’s rough. Will have a look tomorrow.

Don’t mind if it’s rough, just intact. If so Sold mate with postage to Canberra. How much you chasing. Daniel

As I said, not really up with the pricing. Make an offer when you see the pics. I’ll take some tomorrow.

Awesome :slight_smile:

if you wanted to sell the entire turbo setup, i would be interested in the bare motor without boltons, already got the carb, dizzy and carb hat :slight_smile: and the wheels :smiley:

Have you got the grille or is it missing…?

$250 for the bare engine Mokeman

The little bars are missing to fit the intercooler.

hey how much for complete engine?

Clutch to turbo everything.

All gone thanks.