G200 Charade in Perth WA

Hello all, just dropping a line here to familiarise myself within the community.
I have a light blue G200 Charade 1.3L (3 door). :red_car::dash:

It has been floating between me and the old man for a few years now as the grocery getter.
Around this time last year the cooling system and head gasket failed big time. So we decided to turn the Charade into a father/son project for giggles. Time for engine rebuild! :laughing:

The last few months I have been getting all the machining and part sourcing done, so it’s not far off reassembly and driving! Will create a dedicated post in the projects/rides section soon. Will post link below when it’s done.

Looking forward to contributing to the community and getting to know everyone!

Cheers Guys. :v: :sunglasses:


Welcome to the forum J.B will look forward to the thread as i have a 96 1.3 :grinning:

Hi mate welcome good to see another charade owner :wink: