G200 HC-E Timing belt cover Top + Bottom

Hi there people.
Neither my local wrecker or Daihatsu parts dealer (Toyota) can source a decent or new set of covers for me.
If anyone has spares in fully usable condition, I’m willing to pay for item and postage for delivery to Perth WA.

Cheers folks.

These part#'s might help

Top: 11303-87101-000 $13 usd

Bottom: 11302-87103-000 $17 usd

Then freight on top of that through impex.

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Thanks @welby been throwing blanks all week…completely forgot about impex and amayama. :+1:

Another one with better drawings is http://jp-carparts.com/ but they don’t do daihatsu so,
Use the toyota cami ( terios ) as the earlier models had a HC fitted and most things are the same.