G200 Pedders springs F & R

For sale used Pedders front and rear springs for a G200 93-96.

They are the smaller diameter springs like the G100.

Will also fit G100/G102 as I had them in mine, however the rear is a bit lower than G100 lowered rear springs.

Nice quality springs, good condition with some minor red paint wear, great for street and sits perfect height for front end geometry to level the drive shafts and retain neutral camber and steering response.

Handled excellent, however now moved to Lovell springs for the G203/A101 larger coils.

Pick up Sydney, however I may be able to arrange a depot to depot delivery via a courier company, please enquire first.

$50 pick up.

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Hi Mick,

I have been thinking about these springs since you posted this, and wonder how they would go on my G102.
I know the shocks in mine are basically original and not sure if just change the springs is a dangerous thing to do.
In your opinion should I been looking at a shock swap too? Do these lower the car a great deal or would the car keep it’s usual ride height? Also, do these effect the ride at all in stiffness? I do like the comfortable ride as opposed to a racy feel. Also every time I have looked into shocks, it’s looks to be about 1k to get all four done. Seems like a lot of $$$ to me

I would leave the stock shocks if you run these springs, just ensure your bump stops are there and in good condition.

The ride is fine on the g102. The front is perfect, but the rear will scrub if running wider rims and you haven’t cleared the rear guard clearances. The flat fender will rub. I didn’t like it that low even though my wheels cleared so i put a urethane spring spacer in.

The springs are compliant when daily driving but i have to say they stick when cornering. They are not harsh.

Hmmm a spacer could be a good fix. Im not planning on running anything other than the stock rims / wheels on her. So prob wouldnt be a problem re rubbing. Where did you get the spacer if you dont mind me asking? An online jobby or from a shop, pedders etc? Thanks for getting back to me

I ordered the spacers online via eBay from a qld mob that specialised in suspension and general 4wd off road applications. Run an eBay search and see what’s there. They come in different thicknesses generally 5mm increments and i think start at 5mm. I believe i bought the 15mm for the g102 as they generally run that +ve rake. The spacers are also universal so they fit a range of coil diameters like from 70mm to 120mm for example.