G200 power steering upgrade

Hey was woundering if it’s a big job going from non power steering to a power steering setup. What rack do I need to buy is it as easy as swapping them over ?

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I had the opportunity recently for my daughter’s g202 with a power steering rack pump and filler from a g203 f2 charade and while it looked like it would be relatively straight forward I chose not to bother even though it was the perfect opportunity with both cars not having an engine in it etc.
The reason I chose not to was I really don’t think it is necessary for this car. The steering is light and is no where near as bad as what a mira or move is lock to lock. I think it is just a little more something to fix or take off if something goes wrong with it. But thats just me.

If you want to do it find a g200 or 203 (doubt a g202 would have it) withe everything on it take it all off and replace yours. I would undo the steering column and then take all the frame around the rack and rack ends also. I would take all that as it would be easier than sliding the rack out. This way its just undo 4 big bolts from memory but it is heavy. Grab everything you need for bolt up the pulley including any bracket’s and of coarse the fluid filler.

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about to do this myself, easiest way is get everything, and i mean everything possible,from another g200, then yes it is straight swapover but you will need an alignment after. might need to put 2 holes in the inner guard for reservoir also

Will a 1990 applause setup work ?

would be close but couldnt say for sure without seeing an applause setup again.

@evilhighway Did you figure out a rough total cost for all parts? I’m considering this at the moment with the engine currently out.

I never used it and everything was from an f2 wreck that I helped wreck so I never had a cost on what it would all cost.

I haven’t sourced a setup yet powersteering setups are very hard to come but in Tasmania. Little own a g203 being wreck if a applause would work I could of had it done