G201S Detomaso

Hi All

My name’s Al. I have had a Detomaso for about 10 years and used it as an awesome fun motorsport car - paddocks, gravel. Also started my son driving in motorsport when he turned 12.

Finally, the car’s head gasket blew so we swapped engines from another Detomaso. Now we can’t make the new engine run in the old car. There is no spark, and the fuel pump only runs when the starter is going. Anyone got any ideas?

Also, am on the lookout for a G20x workshop manual that has the electronic dizzy. I have read a G10x workshop but ECU has 2 plugs vs G201s has 3 plugs.

Any help or suggestions most welcome

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Welcome. I am sure someone here can help. Perhaps throw up a couple of pics as that might help “spark” some interest.

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Hi Al first thing i’d check is the ground wire that attaches to the inlet manifold just under the throttle body. It’s a common one to miss :wink: Also there’s a manual for the later models that i have. i’ll upload it and give you a link. Your not team tomato are you on facebook? Just from your name here though you may have been.

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Hi. We forgot that earth link early on but it’s connected now. Maybe I should clean all earth straps and reconnect them?

Good idea. Here’s some pics…
Red car has just had new paint job - 2-pack Kenworth Red turns out almost identical to the original colour:

New engine in:

Old engine out:

New engine out:

This was the first time my son and I have removed any engines so we were methodical, but have missing something really important :slight_smile:

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No, not me. Probably like everyone else, I call the red detomaso the tomato :slight_smile:

We had to swap over a 4 pin tps to original 3 pin tps. Also the new power steering pump has no sensor so didnt connect ps sensor. Also the moldings in the distributor caps were different (cap id #s same) so switched them so we could plug in distributor lead.

The 4 pin TPS would be from an automatic, when i changed my detom from auto to manual i swapped the manual throttle body over. The auto one has a different length shaft and the TPS just dosn’t fit right and my throttle was actually sticking a bit. Are all the plugs into the ECU secure? That one had me scratching my head for a bit when i forgot to plug them back in :thinking:

Also just thinking about the fuel pump, it’s right that it only pumps when the starter is activated. It uses a dual coil relay and one of the coils is energised via the starter circuit.

I will check that, and check the pins not bent. Thanks

Thats exactly what happens. I would like for the next step - this relay to energise in so fuel and efi get power, but the ecu is not triggering this. Seems like some input or power to ecu is missing :frowning:

Here’s a link to a G200 manual.


Thanks, that will be very useful